RICKSHAW (Bangladesh) :
Rickshaw Art, a way of life.

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R I C K S H A W : (n) or Ricksha, a small two-wheeled passenger vehicle drawn by one or two men, used in parts of Asia. Also called trishaw (with three wheels). From the Japanese word ‘jinrikisha’, meaning “people’s vehicle”. Also called “Trishaw”: a similar vehicle with three wheels, propelled by a man pedalling as on a tricycle. See ‘Autorickshaw’.

Even if the rickshaw is a means of transportation widely present all over Asia, it has in the case of Bangladesh an unique esthetic approach: the colors and decorations of the rickshaw there are indeed making of this rickshaw the most beautiful one in Asia, but also the most complex one: since about forty years, the rickshaw in Bangladesh saw its patterns, paintings and drawings evolving and changing. Politic expression of a burgeoning country or witness of changing habits, the rickshaw in Bangladesh was creating painters, style schools and fashions. Some of them are even exhibited and recognized worldwide.

But the rickshaw is also the social witness of the country. Drivers fleeing from the poorest northern regions and pouring in the cities, large rickshaw owners renting them full price, workshops in Old Dhaka where rickshaws are assembled without electric tool, endless traffic jams in the narrow streets of the capital, the rickshaw finally appears to be the best excuse to talk about a country; Bangladesh, in his own image: colorful, fiery and chaotic.


Based in Poitiers, the photographer Pierre Torset is sharing his time between some documentary photography and photo-journalism by offering picture stories and reportage to the Press and Edition sector (magazine, newspapers, agencies) in both social and tourism issues. He is also working as a local photographer in France, mainly by doing corporate pictures in France and in Poitiers (hometown).

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