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ABOUT PIERRE TORSET - Photographe in Poitiers (France) :

Based in Poitiers, the photographer Pierre Torset is sharing his time between some documentary photography and photo-journalism by offering picture stories and reportage to the Press and Edition sector (magazine, newspapers, agencies) in both social and tourism issues. He is also working as a local photographer in France, mainly by doing corporate pictures in France and in Poitiers (hometown).

You can find more about his work in the Visitors Page for a quick overview of his work, by clicking here > Photographe Poitiers (choose English Version, then VISITORS Page).

Facebook page :
(with news, mini photo stories, commented pictures, in english & french)
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Partnership with french NGO : (in french)

Pour voir les reportages (avec présentation et légendes) en français > > > Pierre Torset- Photographe Poitiers French Version