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About the french photographer Pierre Torset (Photographe in Poitiers - France) :

Becoming a professional photographer with tourism pictures and travel essays, his photographic work is also turned towards social and corporate pictures, with a special interest for the field of work. Main focus on south-eastern asian countries (Burma, Bangladesh, Nepal). He is fluent in french (native), english and spanish. Moderate german. Basic chinese and bengali. He is based in France - Photographe Poitiers - and Germany (Munich).

More links :
- Back to homepage ( >>> photographe poitiers.
- For Press/Agencies/NGOs >>> photo stories (complete stories, easy display, IPTC)
(for example : about shipbreaking, rickshaw in Bangladesh, tourism in Brittany, loire castles, etc.)
- Corporate Page >>> photographe entreprise (in french).
- Wedding Page >>> photographe mariage poitiers (in french).

Partnership between french NGO Info-Birmanie & Pierre Torset (Photographe in Poitiers) :

Since 2009, a partnership has been undertaken with the french NGO INFO-BIRMANIE. This is the french organisation whose mission is to develop awareness about human rights violations in Burma (Myanmar), and promote democracy there.

It is a completely independent and self-financed organisation. The release of Aung San Suu Kyi (Nobel Prize for Peace), the denunciation of the lawsuits and arbitrary arrests carried out by the Burmese Junta, the journalistic censure, the unjustified presence of TOTAL in Burma (financing the Junta), etc. are as many topics on which INFO-BIRMANIE is firmly acting.

This partnership has then a mutual purpose: To increase awareness to the public opinion and institutions about the situation in Burma, in order to change this situation. By mixing the artistic support and the objective that more people realize, know and act against what is happening in Burma, this partnership is also a financial agreement: a website has been created in order to raise funds for supporting this NGO in its action.

Here are the links :
> > Website from partnership between INFO-BIRMANIE & Pierre Torset (in french)